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  • 08Aug

    A commonly-quoted statistic states that 80% of college graduates are not working in their primary field of study. Another is that 50% of college students change their majors at least once before graduating.

    In an online discussion of the validity of the 80% statistic, an appropriately named participant, Eureka, stated, “Also you should remember that many people attend college and choose majors before they really know enough about themselves to know what they want to do with their lives, and thus may end up changing fields.” I couldn’t agree more.

    College is the first time we give students the freedom to explore their interests by learning whatever they want. So, it should be no surprise when their first declared major is not what they graduate in. Nor should it surprise us that some push through (due to economic and/or parental pressures) and graduate in a field in which they realize they have no desire to work. Can someone say, “inefficient”?
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  • 19Jul

    The famous poem, “Children Learn What They Live,” states, “If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.”

    I would like to ask the author of that classic poem to add two new lines:

    · If a child lives in a system steeped in authoritarian principles,
    he learns to abandon, and even despise his own freedom.

    · If a child lives in an environment of freedom and the rule of law,
    he learns to be a responsible citizen.

    Our children spend numerous hours each week in a social system that is laden with autocratic leadership and authoritarian structures–the public school. Simply by spending five to seven hours a day in a system which is steeped in non-democratic principles of organization, our children are inadvertently being trained to live in a nondemocratic society. Read more…

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  • 12Feb

    As a former school teacher who saw first-hand the results of years of compulsory education on kids, I’m always amazed at our collective blindness to the damage our coersion-based school systems to our future workers.

    Think about how our school districts are structured: The Superintendent serves at the will of the school board, the principals serve at the will of the Superintendent. The teachers, at least until they acquire tenure, can be fired at will by the principal. And then comes the classroom where the teacher, as benevolent a person as she may be, serves as judge, jury, prosecution and executor of laws she arbitrarily imposes on her students — this is the epitome of political and intellectual tyranny — and this system is supposed to be preparing them to be “good citizens” of a free society?! Read more…

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