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  • 17Dec

    Lately, I’ve been pondering the changes necessary in our “modern” culture to allow… no, encourage, freedom-based education. My conclusion is that unless and until one specific cultural belief is changed, freedom-based education will forever stay on the sidelines.

    That fundamental [false] belief is this, “I have no inherent internal worth, so, I must find and display external evidences of my value to prove to myself and others that I am of value.” All of us who have been trained by unwitting parents and society to believe this deep in our hearts, are compelled to spend our entire lives gathering badges — external indicators of worth — be they participation trophies, fine homes and cars, exotic vacations, the latest toys, prestigious jobs or positions in society. And worse, we must have MORE of them than our neighbor or else our fear that we are “less than” is triggered. Rejecting our inherent worth kicks us over into the insatiable and false reality of the ego.

    So, instead of seeing each child for what it is, a majestic creation of unlimited potential, we see them as poor saps who have only begun to gather any badges – we see them as “less-thans” so that we can then judge ourselves as “more-thans”. And, if they should dare to threaten our ability to gather even more and prettier badges, we are more than willing to use force to gain their compliance.  This makes for a pathetic society indeed.

    The alternate belief is, “I have inherent internal worth, as do others, and I joy in our shared majesty. This belief allows us to stop competing with one another for badges and start living and loving all life.  We can then create learning environments designed to nurture the inherent genius of each child without concern that they be prevented from gathering more badges than us. Since we don’t need or want badges of honor, we can instead spend our lives assisting all life to reach the full expression of its inherent genius and take great joy in that accomplishment. We can then gladly join with others to seek out mutually-beneficial arrangements for creating nutrient-rich growth environments for our children so that they can grow and learn as Nature/God provided.

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