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  • 17Sep

    Hi. My name is Jesse and I’m a recovering public school teacher.

    I’m pretty sure that I’ve had more experience setting up real student governments with student-led court systems than probably anyone else in the world. You’d be amazed at what students can do when we trust them to govern themselves.

    Once it backfired on me, though. Around 1992, I had been elected the leader of a group of parents who were establishing a private school here in Utah County. Because the school ended up launching in American Fork and I lived in Springville, I did not enroll my children. So, none of the students at the school knew me or my role in founding their school along with their student-run judicial system.

    One day, I was asked to substitute for a staff member at the school. To make this long story short, I was put on trial along with 5 young students. They all pled guilty… (cowards!). I was the first person to ever plead not-guilty. So they had to have a trial. The entire student body attended. Student witnesses were called, a student prosecutor grilled me with questions, and I pled my case to the student jury. Those little self-governing scoundrels… found me guilty! They sentenced me to mop the floors. So I did. And you know what? I relished every moment, knowing that those kids learned more about “civics” from my trial than they would ever remember from sitting in a Social Studies class in a traditional school.

    Since then, I taught US Government to 8th graders in a public school for two years. My second year, I was informed by the English teacher that I was the first teacher to ever eclipse the football coach as the most respected teacher. While employed there, I created a game to teach parliamentary procedure and had the students lead a Constitutional Convention lasting for three or four weeks… fortunately for us, our Constitutional Convention at least had air conditioning. Years later, at a local private school, I taught parliamentary procedure to the students and designed and implemented their student-run judicial system. Also designed the student government at the charter school where my wife teaches.

    Among adults, I have served as precinct chair and vice chair for four election cycles here in Utah County, and I served on the board of the Utah 9/12 States Rights Coalition where I helped plan and promote the Utah Freedom Conference in September 2010. I also presented there on how to use social media to engage the public in the cause of freedom.

    From all of my training and experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that the ability to govern ourselves individually and in small groups is the fundamental defense against the political apathy which allows tyranny to rise to power. Freedom IS self-government. Self-Government IS Freedom. There is no freedom without self-government, and vice versa. If we give our political responsibilities up to others, we become political sheep just waiting for a wolf to show up to “lead us” to destruction.

    Unfortunately, our well-meaning public and private schools are all organized in a way that is 180 degrees askew from what our free society is supposed to be. Think about it! For some strange reason, our society believes that if we deny our children nearly every Constitutional right, all day every day for twelve years, somehow they are supposed to magically wield those rights responsibly when they turn 18! Without any practice doing so. It is simply unfathomable.

    You remember that old poem that says, “If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn” etc.? Well, I’d like to add another line or two. Here it is… (download the entire article)

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