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  • 19Jul

    The famous poem, “Children Learn What They Live,” states, “If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.”

    I would like to ask the author of that classic poem to add two new lines:

    · If a child lives in a system steeped in authoritarian principles,
    he learns to abandon, and even despise his own freedom.

    · If a child lives in an environment of freedom and the rule of law,
    he learns to be a responsible citizen.

    Our children spend numerous hours each week in a social system that is laden with autocratic leadership and authoritarian structures–the public school. Simply by spending five to seven hours a day in a system which is steeped in non-democratic principles of organization, our children are inadvertently being trained to live in a nondemocratic society.

    Students in “American” schools have no political freedom to speak of, no right to a trial by jury of their peers, no right against self-incrimination, no true representation in the decisions that directly affect them. The teacher and/or principal serves as the judge, jury, and prosecution. Their property rights are frequently denied (through confiscation) and, worst of all, their intellectual freedom is also denied them by a do-gooder educational system that “knows what’s best” for the student. And this system is supposed to prepare them to be responsible citizens of a free, self-governing society?!

    Doesn’t it make much more sense to incorporate into the daily lives of our youth the very principles and mechanisms of the larger free society? If a child grows up in a school where they experience first hand, on a daily basis, the benefits AND responsibilities associated with democratic government, will they not then truly be prepared to participate in, and hopefully, preserve the larger free society of which the school is a microcosm?

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