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  • “Who’s Behind This?”

    Jesse Fisher, Father of five, resides in Salem, Utah.

    My relevant credentials & experience demonstrate my educational open-mindedness:

    • Caught the “love of learning” bug due to a book report in 4th grade.
    • Bachelors in Math Education, teaching minor in Political Science at BYU.
    • Public School – Taught US Government and Advanced Math at Rim Country Middle School in Payson Arizona.
    • Private School – Voted chairmen of a large parent group; we founded a private school in American Fork around 1983.
    • Home School – Raised 5 studious children, two of which home schooled for a year.
    • Charter School – Consulted founders of a charter school in how to structure their student government to make it more realistic. My wife teaches at a charter school so I’m intimately acquainted with the shenanigans that go on there.

    My Educational Philosophy

    • Humans are endowed by God/Nature with the drive to learn and master their world.
    • When adults usurp the responsibility for children’s learning, their natural drive to learn fades.
    • Compulsion kills incentive. The old Soviet Union proved this with economics; the United States is now proving it in education.
    • Freedom enlivens. Just as freedom brings out amazing initiative, innovation, and resourcefulness in adults… under the right circumstance, it does so for children as well.

    My Plan

    Create a network of freedom-based schools which will:

    • Produce graduates of which at least 42% will become entrepreneurs (job-creators) by the time they are 30 (we’ll be shooting actually for 80%);
    • Produce graduates that are self-reliant, self-confident, independent thinkers who will equally value their own rights and those of others;
    • Be self-replicating. Each school will replicate itself in the 6th year and then again every 4 or 5 years;
    • Practice wise financial principles of saving and investing so that, eventually, the schools can give up to 30% of its student body substantial tuition scholarships.